Fees are based upon the type of project, difficulty, and time needed.  Due to large volume, fees are very reasonable and based upon factors such as difficulty and time needed.  There is no charge for an initial review and all work is guaranteed.

Interpreters – Court certified, legal,  medical, and technical.
Translations  – Certified legal documents, contracts, and scholastic materials including grades and diplomas for foreign students.
Books – translating, editing, publishing in domestic and foreign markets.
International Business Consultations – Europe and South America -  40 years experience in Latin America and Europe. 


  • Oral interpretationscertified interpreters with medical experience. Interpreters provide services at medical facility.
  • Written - medical records, books, papers, and articles.





  • Court Certified Interpreters
  • Certified written translations
  • Depositions - written and oral – at client’s office or as arranged.
  • General documents
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Immigration




  • Publishing and promotion of books.
  • GPA evaluations- Provided for universities and colleges.
  • Foreign books, videos, magazines  -  medical, legal, technical.
  • Fiction books for publishers, etc.
  • Scripts & Videos.
  • International business consulting and marketing services



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